Mapping intelligence for fleet movement
An IoT streaming system meant to monitor business operations in real-time. It uses geofenced-location and sensor data to give valuable insights on issues like possible delays, over-speeding and route deviations. And despite being complex in nature, the interface has easy to understand functions, for example, events can be played out like a video. But crucially, this product is designed with a mobile-first approach and to run as a progressive web app.
GPS tracking IoT vehicle monitoring
GPS vehicle trip playback
GPS live tracking on mobile
Fleet trip delay tracking on mobile
GPS fleet monitoring analysis
A mobile-only enterprise system
An evolution of the enterprise system WebXpress Velocity, below are excerpts from its finance section. It is built to replace computers from the user's workflow. The design focuses on highlighting actionable information for managers across all levels of seniority. It helps lend context to statistics and even provides useful predictions.
Customer Service Portal
Web kiosk for businesses and high-volume consumers
This portal is a link between logistics service providers and their regular customers, minimizing the high degree of manual communication prevalent in the industry. It was designed to look more like a modern website than the web-system that it is, as the demographic leaned towards a younger user base, who are accustomed to cleaner design standard.
Carbon Curtailer
Environmental impact analysis of company activities
Currently a proof-of-concept, these dashboards are designed to empower an increasingly conscious corporate landscape with actionable information. When connected to the the relevant operational data, they could highlight factors contributing to avoidable emissions through best practices.
Business Review Report
Computer-generated analytics with human language inferences
This sales report is part of a collection designed to emulate the flow of review meetings, with sections and KPIs tailored to encourage problem solving. Its design goal is to appear as if compiled by humans and it aims to translate hard numbers into logical and actionable insights. To see the mockup, fullscreen in a new tab, click here →
Ancillary Touchpoints
Email Communication
Often being the first point of user contact for the respective business systems, the below emails are designed to match the aesthetics of the products as well as set the tone for further interaction.
Signup email template
Sharing Data
The operational system PODxpress, aimed at young start-ups, incorporated the below share sheet design to address the need to encourage collaboration. To help achieve this, a range of file formats and simple sharing options were added.
Quick Reference
The below examples showcase a widget, notification banner and an information ticker, which while peripheral to the main user workflow, aim to augment their decision making.