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Rahul Malkani

Pectoral representation of product management

6 years of experience in
Product Design

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Based in
Toronto, Canada

Hi there!

I bring software products to life.

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As a Product Designer, I've worked extensively to bring good design philosophies to business systems. My most meaningful contribution has been to unearth hidden stories behind real user needs and translate them into practical workflow improvements across hierarchies.

Over the last 6 years, I've spearheaded the design of 3 SaaS products and several mobile apps that empower major B2B enterprises with visibility and better control of operations.

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Case Studies

A live GPS intelligence system that monitors logistics operations. It links multiple data providers into a single map so users can see their country-wide business in one place.


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this is my story

this is my story

and a few thoughts...

and a few thoughts...

here is my best work

here is my best work


Reimagining a business system to be 2025-ready.


An app centric operations system for startups.

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