Below is a journey through the design lifecycle of a warehouse monitoring app. It helps on-ground managers in the Indian warehousing industry get a better control over their daily workflow. It is a part of an enterprise system WebXpress Acres.
User research
Both attitudinal research via interviews and behavioural research via wireframe testing were conducted for this project.
User inputs such as the below statement help shape the scope of the app and its design.
Insight about customer throughput is no longer an add-on. If I don't share that data with my customers, they will find another service provider who does."
User personas
These personas took into account varied educational backgrounds and experience of the user base who otherwise have the same job. This exercise helped shape the app's menu organization, colour style, typography and tone of language.
Interaction map
The phase one scope of this application as defined by the product team and using the observations gathered thus far.
This aimed to encapsulate the textures of the environment around the end user. A simple word cloud set a tone for the UI.
This modular guide was developed as part of a major branding initiative. It acted as a design reference for this project.
High fidelity mockups
The wireframes were converted into designs using Apple Keynote and tested with InVision Studio.
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