Video advertisements
Animated content for product promotion and training
The below two videos were created for PODxpress, an operations management software product. They had a brief of being friendly guides to potential customers. The first is a product introduction while the second is a "how-to" tutorial. 
Production Process
The above videos were created entirely using Apple's Keynote presentation software. Most graphics were built using shapes tools while some were open source EPS vectors. Below are excerpts from the storyboard of the first video.
Marketing collaterals
Branded content for outbound promotion and sales
Product Presentations
The presentation shown below is used during sales meetings to introduce the product and its features to prospects.
Knowledge Bank
Below is an excerpt of a self-training presentation currently in active use to educate customers. A library of such material is available on public domain. Periodic digital campaigns are run with this content to help promote unique product features.
Channel Partner Portal
This is a consolidated repository for internal teams and business partners to get access to marketing and other corporate material, ranging from brochures, presentations and feature lists, to legal and technical documentation.
Channel partner portal
Channel partner portal
Weekly Newsletters
Used as an avenue for customer engagement, this is a weekly compilation of industry specific news available to subscribers through multiple channels, including emails pushed through MailChimp, a dedicated microsite and an Android app.
Website designs
Examples of single-page and larger, menu-driven sites
This was an an aggregation service for warehouses. In a highly contract-driven market, this served the niche of low-volume short-duration clientele. An apt metaphor for it would be a cross between a property search and a sandwich customization service, i.e. select a warehouse, add-on amenities and duration to check-out.
This website details three enterprise systems that are part of a product suite, called WebXpress. The site also incorporates a community centre, which includes a login portal for channel partners, a knowledge bank for customers and an industry news aggregator. It doubles up as an information centre for the company, with a careers microsite.
Outdoor / exhibitions
Product promotion and demonstration at multi-national trade shows
The following are renditions from exhibitions and roadshows, organized and participated in, to create a testbed of new marketing material and gain real-time prospect feedback.
2 wall booth design
Product-line Promotion
This example demonstrates a product umbrella theme. it shows a breadth of related solutions offered for the e-commerce industry. It was designed to emphasize direct benefits over individual features, which were provided separately in a brochure.
Single Product Demonstration
This is an example of a single product theme. The mobile app had a planned launch at the event targeting the retail industry, for whom this product was built. Front and centre of the booth was a stand with mobiles providing live demonstrations of the application.
3 wall booth design
Exhibition danglers
App features
Unique Touches
The tree decal is a suite of mobile apps that are part of a larger product family.
The mobile prop was a five-feet tall company information board, while the danglers hanging from above displayed customer logos. Both saved wall space of the booths, thereby maximizing the content for product promotion.
Exhibition welcome decor