Video advertisements 
The above video is a was created entirely using Keynote. Most graphics were created by shapes within the presentation software and the rest were open source EPS vectors. 
While developing its storyboard, the key requirement of the management was to represent the real world while highlight the platform's features. Some of the slides of the storyboard are shown below:
PODxpress video storyboard
PODxpress video storyboard
On the other hand, the video given below has a similar approach (showing the process flow of the platform). However, it was created with a different target audience; the first video was for the management who would buy the product and the one below was for the technical team, who would use the system. This video is also used during sales demonstrations.
Marketing collaterals
A significant duration was invested in the development and maintenance of marketing content with a special focus on building a story behind the relevant brands.
Content samples
These are part of an entire kit of marketing material created for the use of sales managers during meetings as well as for online distribution. It contains brochures, presentations, feature lists, and more. The following are two product presentations in current circulation:
Marketing presentation
The above slides are used during initial contact with a prospective client and covers all the basics features of the product in question. Since it targeted at a B2B market, there is a dedicated segment towards the end that demonstrate use-cases of the product.
'How to' product presentation
The above slides were created for the same target audience as the previous document but with a different purpose, i.e. to promote product features while educating them at the same time. Hence, it goes into greater detail than required in the first meeting. Also, it is intended for unsupervised reading.
Material management tool
Producing content was not the only responsibility of the marketing team, its KPI was measured by the degree to which that content was put to use. For this reason two HTML-based tools were created for distribution and consumption by internal and external stakeholders alike.
Web portal
Collateral management portal
Collateral management portal
This login-based portal lets internal teams and business partners get access to the entire library of material from the Internet, without dependencies. Also, it is connected from the backend to a cloud account that lets the latest content be updated automatically.
CD portfolio
Disk portfolio
For a more traditional audience, this is a self-running CD program that provides viewers with a select set of material. It is meant to be shared in initial meetings. 
CD portfolio
Website designs
The following two samples are two of more than five end-to-end websites designs in the last three years. The layout of each was created using Keynote and Photoshop and most of the artwork using Illustrator.
Block website theme
The website was a public listing of warehouses across India and customers could signup and book storage space for themselves. Being a single page website, information was revealed by hovering on interactive graphics so as to provide details only when required.
Sectioned website design
This page is a part of the new design of the website for WebXpress, a suite of ERP solutions. It lends a modern look as well as improved focus on product capabilities and use-cases. 
To see the full length of this webpage, click here.
Outdoor / exhibitions
Handled over ten exhibitions with responsibilities including creating a theme and pitch. Also, managed a team tasked with the procurement and execution of these events.
2 wall booth design
Booth designs
Attempted to effectively use space ranging from 2x2 to 6x8 sized stalls. Also, walls were designed to emphasise a story over product information, which was provided separately in brochures.
Props and collaterals
The accompaniments, which supported the background theme, were given significant attention. They included, table mounted demo phones, self-running videos, and toy props to create an engaging environment.
3 wall booth design
Given below is a small collection of unique features that were used to make the exhibition booths more lively and attract the attention of visitors at the same time:
Exhibition danglers
App features
The tree decal is a suite of mobile apps branching out to signify they are unique but part of a family.
The mobile prop is a five-foot tall company information board, while the danglers hanging from above show customer logos. Both saved wall space that was used for more eye-catching information.
Exhibition welcome decor
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